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Targeting GST compliance

The ATO program focuses on:

  • Protecting businesses, taxpayers and the community, by detecting and dealing with taxpayers who deliberately avoid their GST obligations.
  • Enhancing support and education to encourage taxpayers to willingly meet their GST obligations.

The ATO wants to make sure everyone pays their fair share of tax and that those who do the right thing are not disadvantaged by unfair practices.

The ATO continues to expand its ability to identify non-lodgers and detect taxpayers who over-claim entitlements, deliberately under-report or omit income, and use cash transactions to hide income and evade tax obligations.

The following topics describe the ATO approach to GST compliance.

ATO key focus areas

The program’s key focus areas include improving activity statement lodgment, dealing with GST fraud and evasion and reducing GST debt.

Helping taxpayers to comply

The support and assistance services the ATO offers to taxpayers to help them meet their tax obligations.

Protecting taxpayers and the community

What the ATO does to detect non-compliant GST activities and how they support taxpayers who do the right thing, helping to ensure a level playing field.

Improved detection

Additional activities that expand the ATO’s ability to detect and take action against taxpayers who deliberately avoid complying with their GST obligations.

BAS Services for Small Business & Sole Traders and SME Business Activity Statements

Lodging your Business Activity Statement (BAS) correctly and on time can be a difficult and confusing process.

We offer a range of BAS services and lodgement options to suit all small or medium business. You can avoid risk and stress simply by being confident that your ATO tax liabilities and obligations are sorted and your BAS lodgement is correct.

We handle BAS lodgement or preparation plus GST and tax services to suit all small or medium business.

BAS Services include:

  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements from business data.
  • Electronic Lodgement of Business Activity Statements
  • Personalised advice on BAS provisions (including GST, PAYG, Withholdings and Instalments, Fringe Benefits Tax, Fuel Tax Credits and more).
  • Preparation of Instalment Activity Statements and Employee Payment Summaries.
  • Management of financial data files and preparation of reports for business tax returns.
  • Handle payroll and superannuation obligations including Reportable Employer Super Contributions.

If you are unsure of your requirements please contact us to discuss your situation.