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Nailing Your Finances are members of ETax Local Accountants and manage/ co-ordinate services on behalf of the registered tax agents ETax Local.

At Etax Local we know that most people can find tax confusing and frustrating. Our Accountants are extremely knowledgeable about tax laws, deduction limits and tax offsets – so you can be confident your tax return is prepared accurately AND that you are getting all the right deductions and the best tax outcome possible.

Etax Local is a division of Etax Accountants; a highly-respected online tax business that has been offering Australians favourite online tax return since 1998. We launched Etax Local to service our clients who prefer face-to-face service or who want to just provide their information without completing forms themselves.

Whether you’ve got a basic tax return with a single group certificate, or you’re at the other end of the scale with rental properties and complex investments… we can help.

Our priorities:
  • Make your tax return as easy and as pleasant as possible.
  • Cater for groups or remote visits when our clients need it.
  • Maximize your deductions and refund and minimize the tax you pay.
  • Ensure accuracy via our CPA review process – no tax return is lodged with the ATO until it is checked at least twice by qualified accountants.
  • To ensure you receive your tax refund as fast as possible. And, with our compliance checks, minimise the possibility of an ATO audit.
  • Provide expert tax advice that accounts for the constant changes in tax law and ATO rules and how they impact our clients.
  • Provide quality customer service – you are never just another client. We will explain the process and requirements for lodging your tax return in language you understand.
Choose us as Etax Local and you’ll get:
  • The peace of mind in knowing your individual tax return was lodged by a CPA-qualified tax agent company with over 35 years’ experience in taxation and accounting.
  • Your return reviewed twice prior to lodgement to ensure it is correct, aiming for your best possible refund and ensuring a compliant, trouble-free return.
  • High quality customer service – we can explain everything in detail and ensure you’re aware of your obligations and rights as a tax payer.